Which Arcade Slot Machines should you play?

Arcade Zone

Although more often than not, slot machines are highly reliant on luck, there's no denying that it remains one of the greatest sources of millionaires today, Just imagine - after a day of continuously spending your money on spinning the reels on the arcade slot machine in front of you, you'll finally hit some wilds, bonus symbols or better yet, a jackpot combination that will award you with mind-boggling sum of money. This basically describes the dream of many slot lovers at Arcade Zone but for many, they play slots for the fun and thrill as well. Regardless of what type of slot player you are, you'll surely be able to appreciate playing arcade slot machines even more, if what's in front of you is one of the best casino slot machines today.

Online Slot Machines

Before we proceed to some epic titles that you could check out later in your own convenience, let us first check out how the current market for this machine is currently doing. Our current generation is dominated by the online casinos and this really isn't surprising if you think of how immensely convenient it is, as a gambler could easily enjoy waging all through the comforts of their own home. Today, some of the best arcade slot machines can also be seen on the internet world but, you'll surely see that there are even more best online slot games that you could try and experience for yourself. At ReviewedUsaCasinos.com you can find the top online USA casinos, in which you can play all the slots games that we will talk about here. The titles to be presented below are some of the best casino slot machines today, regardless if they are physical arcade slots machines or ones that you could find in the online world.


When you hear the Cleopatra online slot machine, you'll surely immediately think of the famed Queen of Egypt in the distant past. What would follow your amazement though, is extreme confusion when you associate it with the slots market, as this theme or subject has been used way too much by varieties of software developers throughout the globe. However, when it comes to best casino slot machines, the version that many would surely agree to fit right into this title is the one created by the IGT. Although it may not be the most impressive as it can even be considered one of the older games in the industry, it's straightforward gameplay is what really nabs the attention of wagers out there. The game flaunts a 5-reel gameplay with up to 30 pay lines. This abundant amount of pay lines is what gives players more chances of winning and it doesn't stop there. Its wild symbol in the form of the Cleopatra herself will let fortune smile upon you, as it could help you complete combinations with its substitution capabilities. Do keep in mind that it can't replace the Sphinx symbol and this is also due to the fact that the Sphinx is also a special symbol that could let you revel on whopping 15 free spins. There are more fancy bonuses and lucrative offers in this machine that will surely convince you to spin its reels immediately.

Rainbow Riches

When comparing Barcrest with other more renowned slots software developers, many would surely find it less appealing at first but, it's exactly from this developer that you'll be able to experience a more genuine and exciting gaming experience. The Rainbow Riches is one of the many Irish-themed games in the casino industry today and it can easily fit the crown of being one of the best casino slot machines today. The jovial theme of the game is pretty evident right from the get-go and you'll certainly find yourself captivated by all the Irish stuff you'll see throughout the game - whether it be Pot of Golds, Leprechauns and more. Although the game may turn out to have a shocking difference with other machines due to its lack of a free spins bonus , its lucrative and unique bonus games are more than enough to make up for it. Not only would you have exquisite fun revelling on this game - you'll even have a huge chance of making a fortune out of this game.

Gonzo's Quest

Trek and overcome the obstacles of nature and discover the Aztec beauty brought by the prime online slots machine which many people opt for today - the Gonzo's Quest. This game's fame is well-deserved and you'll see this just from its dazzling 3D graphical display. It comes with animations and other effects that will bring you to another world in a visual manner. To top it all up, it comes with a whopping jackpot that can turn your bet up to 1850x. This is going to be more within your reach when you see that it also utilizes free spins, bonus rounds, wild symbols and other lucrative and marvellous features to boot.